Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Team Building

I am building a team. 

My intention is to continue work on a project started a decade ago by myself, Steve RossSimon Edgett, and Michael Gormley. (The details aren't really necessary right now, but it was essential a long-term thought experiment. I am hoping to begin working on a similar process, if not a modified version of the original.)

Anyway, I am looking for individuals with training in 
various scientific and philosophical fields. To begin, the following (in no particular order):

1. Computer Science/Artificial Intelligence
2. Physics (All branches)
3. Mathematics (Geometry/Chaos/Cellular Automata/All Branches)
4. Philosophy (Metaphysics/Epistemology/All Branches)
5. Evolutionary Biology, Biochemistry, Sociobiology
6. Chemistry
7. Linguistics and Communication
8. Anthropology (Bio/Cultural)
9. Performance Theory

That's a start. Ideally we could occasionally meet, but most important would be the creation of a lively digital forum in which we can discuss ideas.

Contact me if you are interested or for more details.

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