Thursday, June 13, 2013

O.I. (saw two meterorites) (lyrics revision)

An old microcassette recording from around 2007.
Lyrics and music were a one shot.
This morning on the train I revised the lyrics a bit.There are at least 2 grammatically incorrect word usages ("meteorites" and the last "I", but that's the nature of songs, I guess. IDK, maybe not)
Planning on reworking the music next.

Listen to original recording here:


O.I. (saw two meteorites)

Tonite…wasting my time,
The sky exploded with light;
I saw two meteorites
Glowing like eyes so bright.

Wait for it now:
Days before now,
I tried to be something
I lied to love you,
But lies crumble.

They let you go.
A witness, to that show.

I left you there
Alone, to be the star;
Watch me fade.
A shame, it’s a social game.

Pray for me now.
Pray for me now.

The night, sublime,
Lies between two days.
Sounds trite, but it helps
To think this way.

The night suggests
Something, or nothing—
The line between being
And destructing.

O.I., O.I., O.I., Oh why?

O.I., O.I., O.I., can’t I?

Pain, to see them fading
Slowly across the sky.
So bright, so gone,
Like you, or I.